Louvre PS1s: The Aurae process explained

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 9/27/21 12:06 PM
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Aurae louvre PS1s

As manufacturers of architectural louvre solutions, we know how important it is for architects to have access to the right documentation to be able to proceed with housing projects and new builds. From technical design files to documents to support building consent applications, there’s a lot that can be required to get a project underway.

Producer statements are used to support building consent applications and are required by most New Zealand councils. Many louvre and facade companies will follow different processes when it comes to issuing producer statements so we wanted to outline our process, and how we make things as simple as possible. Read on to find out more about producer statements and the process we take to issue PS1 documents for our products.

The importance of PS1s

Often we get asked for PS1’s to demonstrate a louvre designs’ compliance with B1 of the NZBC at the building consent stage. With the custom nature of aluminium louvre products, there are many variables that are subject to change – anything from blade shape, size, orientation, fixing details and bracketry. Because of this, the engineering for louvre products often has to be completed on a project by project basis. On top of this, we are seeing some councils reject generic PS1s for ‘off the shelf’ type products on a more frequent basis.

This creates a problem – no contracts have been awarded for the project and a document is required that has a cost attached to it. We have come up with what we believe is the fairest solution to this problem.

The PS1 process we take

Here at Aurae, we can issue PS1 producer statements at the design stage. PS1s can be supplied for all louvre products we manufacture which includes our entire range of louvre blades, opening louvre roofs, shutters and more.

We know that preparing a project for building consent lodgement requires a lot of information from many different parties, which is why we make this process as simple and straight-forward as possible.

On receiving architectural drawings, our design team will review the scope of the project and prepare a design review form for the client to sign. This form simply outlines the scope of the design work and states that in the instance Aurae does not end up supplying the louvres, the client will reimburse Aurae for the design costs. Nothing is invoiced at this stage. Upon receiving the signed design review form, Aurae completes the design work and issues the PS1 for building consent.

The end result is that the architect gets the document they need, the subcontractor is protected and the client is free to put the louvres out for tender. A win all round so that all parties know where they stand, and the necessary documentation has been issued.

Enquire with us to get your projects underway

Have a project coming up or a project that’s still in the early design stages? Our team is here to help with all of your architectural louvre and facade needs and can advise you on which Aurae products will work best for your requirements. We also have technical files and DWGs for all of our products should you need these for initial drawings. Simply head to the relevant product page and request what you need. Our simple download system means that you can get the files you need, straight away.

Already have a project underway that you need a PS1 for? Share your plans with us here and we’ll get in touch.

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