Opening Louvre Roofs

Opening louvre roofs are a great addition to any property as they create extra space and add valuable protection from the elements. As well as the practicality they bring, they can also add a unique design element.

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Learn about the different opening louvre roof systems from Aurae

Opening louvre roofs

The Aurae opening louvre roof is the ultimate compliment to any outdoor living area. Open the roof to take advantage of natural sunlight and ventilation or keep it closed to provide adequate sun shading. 

The opening louvre is available with two blade profiles, the ellipsoid shaped Aurora blade or the rectangle-shaped Solaris blade.

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Our range of fixed louvre pergolas

Fixed louvre pergolas

If sunshade and aesthetics are your only requirements, then fixed louvre pergolas are a cheaper alternative to the fully opening louvre roof system.

Pergolas come in two main forms – detached and semi-detached. They are great for outdoor patio areas away from the home and can make great entertaining spaces.

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Types of louvre blades

Louvre types

Louvre blades have been used on buildings since the middle ages, with some of the earliest louvre blades still visible on churches and other historic buildings throughout Europe. There are now a range of modern louvre systems available to suit opening louvre roofs. 

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“Thanks for doing such an amazing job on the louvres for our property, it looks fantastic. Quite a transformation of the house aesthetically and functionally. The installers were fantastic ambassadors for your company. I can’t speak highly enough of them.”

David Gibbs, Homeowner & Architect

Discover more about an Aurae opening louvre roof

Our opening louvre roof brochure is free to download and features information on the entire range of Aurae opening louvre roof systems.

From the classic Aurora louvre blades to our most popular design – the Solaris, you'll learn all there is to know about our louvre roofs. Plus, you'll also get all the details on fixtures and controls for an Aurae opening louvre roof – the options are endless!

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Opening louvre roof brochure

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