With a long and illustrious history, pergolas have a special place in the design of our homes. Adding extra useable space they can be an extension of the home, while enabling guests and homeowners to enjoy the outdoors.

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Our range of fixed louvre pergolas

Fixed louvre pergolas

There are two main types of pergola: detached and semi-detached.

Freestanding pergolas are great for outdoor areas away from the main home and will have at least four 'legs'.  These are ideal by a pool or with an outdoor fireplace to create a standalone entertaining area.

Semi-detached pergolas are attached to the main property.

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Aurae opening louvre roof

Opening louvre roof

The Aurae opening louvre roof is the ultimate compliment to any outdoor living area. Giving you the ability to open your roof to take advantage of natural sunlight and ventilation, coupled with the option of closing it to provide adequate sun shading. You now have complete control over your outdoor living.

The opening roof louvre is available with two blade profiles, the ellipsoid shaped Aurora blade or the rectangle shaped Solaris blade.

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Our range of fixed sunshade louvre blades

Fixed sunshade louvres

Fixed louvre blades are the perfect way to provide shading or a unique architectural statement to your property. Available with several louvre profile shapes and bracketry, the options are numerous.

Fixed louvres are ideal for areas of the home that are exposed to a high level of sun during the day, and can be customised to suit the angle of solar gain.

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“Thanks for doing such an amazing job on the louvres for our property, it looks fantastic. Quite a transformation of the house aesthetically and functionally. The installers were fantastic ambassadors for your company. I can’t speak highly enough of them.”

David Gibbs, Homeowner & Architect

Looking for design inspiration for your next project?

We've created the perfect starting point for your next outdoor living or design project.

Bringing together years of experience, we have hand-selected some of our most spectacular louvre designs to give you inspiration for your next project. From classic opening louvre roofs to mesmerising entrances, you'll find lots of ideas in our free style guide!

To get your copy of the style guide simply click below. It's jam-packed with some of the most stunning projects we've worked on recently and shows a great selection of finished facades and louvres.

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Aurae style guide

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