Get inspiration for your dream outdoor living space.

Outdoor living spaces are becoming standard with many Kiwi homes. And with so many options in the market to create an outdoor space that's virtually another room of the house, it can be difficult choosing the right solution to fit your lifestyle.
Read on to find out what you should consider when designing your outdoor living space...


Consider where your living space will be situated, and how you will be using it. Do you want a space that's fully protected by a patio or pergola, partially shaded with louvres, or do you want the option of letting light in as needed with an operable louvre roof?

Think about how much sunlight the space gets, and how exposed it is to wind and rain when making your decision here.

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Outdoor Blinds

If you're opting to use overhead sun shading, you also have the option to use blinds to provide more protection and possible privacy.

You can use fixed or operable sun shade louvres, or something more flexible like mesh or clear PVC that can be opened or closed depending on the weather. Blinds are a great option if your outdoor living space is not directly attached to the house and is more exposed.


Outdoor Shutters

Outdoor shutters are a great option for those looking for an architectural statement or feature for their outdoor space, or greater protection from the weather.

Sliding shutters give you more control over the functionality of your space, and help you create the outdoor living experience you're after.

Choose from manual or motorised shutters, with the option of sliding, bi-fold or hinged.


Outdoor Lighting

Increase the functionality of your outdoor living space with lighting. Great for those who love entertaining on those warm summer evenings.

Keep them inconspicuous by using downlights or strip lights fixed into your pergola. Alternatively, choose spot lights fixed into the floor.


Outdoor Heating

Heating is a must for those who want more use of their space during the cooler months.

Choose from outdoor fire places or mounted heaters. If you decide to use a fire place, ensure you remain compliant with your local council regulations.

Mounted heaters are a great low-maintenance option, and can be mounted into your patio ceiling to keep small children safe.



Planning your layout is probably the most important thing to consider when designing your outdoor living space. Consider how you will be using your space, and how you want it to flow on from your home.

If you're stuck on how to translate this to paper, consult the help of an expert who can discuss your needs with you and create a solution that will best suit your lifestyle.

Thinking about using an operable louvre roof for your outdoor area?

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