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Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 8/1/19 12:53 PM
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Everybody enjoys good indoor-outdoor flow in their homes. A cool breeze and the harmonious sound of birds chirping in the background can add so much to the ambience of our homes. However, designing a property with good indoor-outdoor flow can also encounter some problems. What happens if the wind picks up or your privacy is compromised?

External shutters can be an excellent solution for these situations. Available with numerous screen options, the shutters can be fixed, sliding or bi folding. In this blog we delve into how you can use a range of different shutters to not only maximise the use of your space and create indoor-outdoor flow, but to also make a statement.

Perforated screens

A vast array of shutter patterns can be achieved using perforated metal. Mix up the hole sizes to produce a creative pattern or manage airflow with the total open area. These screens can be mounted to aluminium support frames and set on sliding or bi fold hardware. View the standard perforation patterns here.

Perforated screensPerforated bi fold screens

Azimuth grating sliding screens

The Azimuth grated screens consist of rectangle louvre blades swage locked to a series of bearing bars. This structural layout gives the screens excellent span capabilities, while maintaining slim aesthetics. The screens come with an angled perimeter frame, which can be fixed to sliding or bi-fold hardware. Several blade sizes are available, view more information here

Grating sliding shuttersAzimuth grating sliding screens

Louvre sliding screens

Shutters can also by fabricated from panels of louvre blades. The louvre blades can be manually operable, making this option the most flexible of them all. Choose from a vast array of different louvre shapes and sizes to achieve the desired look. Find out more here.

Louvre sliding screens
Aurora 90 louvred sliding shutters


While most shutters are manually operable, an element of luxury can be introduced by making the sliding or bi-fold action motorised. With the touch of a button the shutters can be moved, providing maximum ease of operation. Next time you are enjoying a moment of quiet, contemplate the convenience of motorised sunshade and privacy control.    

Good indoor-outdoor flow can not only make a home more enjoyable but add a unique design feature. Next time you are designing a home and considering the indoor-outdoor flow, think about adding shutters to give the occupants greater flexibility. The shutters can be sliding or bi folding, with both manual and motorised operations available.  

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