Creating an outdoor room with louvres

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on Jun 27, 2022 9:16:50 AM
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Creating an outdoor room with louvres

Outdoor living is a central part of New Zealand life and what was once restricted to the summer months is now attainable all-year-round, with the right outdoor living space. Creating an outdoor room is one good way to make the most of your backyard, all while extending your living area. And if done well, it will add to the aesthetics of a home and provide a real design statement.

This blog will give you the tips you need to get started with an outdoor room so that you can design an outdoor living space you'll love. We’ll also showcase how louvres and louvre roof systems can enhance an outdoor room, and provide you with a practical space that can be used in any season.

Key considerations for an outdoor room

An outdoor room is a great way to expand your living space beyond the existing footprint of a home. It can be anything from a basic pergola to a deck with walls on three sides. Every outdoor room will have a unique purpose and style, especially in relation to the design and layout of a home.

Designing an outdoor room is exciting as it gives you the chance to create an extension of your home and bring your living area outside. The extra room can be used for anything from dining and entertaining to relaxing with friends and family.

The benefits that an outdoor room will provide are extensive so proper planning should be done at the start to ensure that you end up with an outdoor space that’s fit for purpose. We’ve put together a summary of the key things to consider when planning an outdoor room; we’ve also outlined some great tips that will allow you to take an outdoor room from practical to luxurious.

What’s the purpose of your outdoor room?

Knowing what you’ll use this outdoor space for is essential because your design will need to reflect your needs, and make the most of the extra living area. Think about your priorities for outdoor living – will you cook, dine or entertain? You might like to invest in a spa or pizza oven to give the space an extra layer of ambience. No matter what your outdoor lifestyle is, there will be an outdoor design to tick all the boxes.

Creating outdoor living zones

With that in mind, creating zones is an excellent way to ensure your outdoor living area is functional but also aesthetically pleasing. You can choose various materials to divide the spaces, from decking to paving, and plants to outdoor furniture. Once you know the purpose of the space, you can break the space up with different textures and design elements. An outdoor room is a great focal point for outdoor living, especially with other features like planting, lawns and paving to frame it. You can even create walls between your outdoor room and the areas surrounding it by installing blinds or louvre shutters. Shutters in particular are an innovative and stylish way to let sunlight in and keep the rain out, that will stand the test of time.

Outdoor room with louvre shutters
Louvre shutters are an easy way to create an outdoor living zone and provide extra weather protection, as well as privacy.

Outdoor heating

When entertaining outdoors, you’ll need to make sure your outdoor room is warm and cosy allowing you to enjoy it in all seasons. Even in the winter months, outdoor heating can ensure your outdoor room is comfortable and welcoming to entertain in. Again, there is a range of heating options to consider, from subtle strip heaters to luxurious outdoor fireplaces, you can choose a purely functional option or opt for one that also adds a level of flair to the outdoor space. Aurae has a range of heaters which can be mounted on pergolas, and have a slimline design to blend nicely into your outdoor room.

Heaters installed in the roof of an outdoor room
Heaters are a great way to make your outdoor room a warm and inviting space in all seasons. 

Blinds for outdoor rooms

A great way to add texture and shelter to your outdoor room is to install blinds. If your outdoor room has openings in the walls, chances are the sun will pour into the space. This is of course a good thing, but sometimes it’s nice to have shelter from the sun or protection from the elements and harsh winds.

Blinds are a popular option for outdoor rooms because they give additional shelter, but they also add a layer of interest in terms of texture and style. You can choose blinds that tie your outdoor room together by choosing a certain colour or fabric. For example, we supply customised blinds produced from clear waterproof PVC or Ferrari mesh up to 4m wide and 3m high. You can also get blinds that are remote controlled for an added level of sophistication and functionality.

Outdoor lighting

With daylight savings in winter and later evenings in summer, it’s important to have adequate lighting in your outdoor living space. You can choose to install one or two downlights purely for function, or more luxurious options like strip or pendant lights. Aurae offers a range of LED lights to fix to your pergola frame, which come in black, copper or natural. Whichever lights you choose, make sure they’ll suit your outdoor lifestyle, and tie in with the rest of your design.

LED strip lighting added to louvre roof
LED strip lighting is a simple addition to our louvre roofs that ensures you can enjoy your outdoor space at any time of day.

Shelter for outdoor living

The key to outdoor living is ensuring that you have enough protection from the elements, especially when you’re hosting guests. Keeping your outdoor space sheltered from sun, rain and wind will ensure the space can be used all-year-round, however, it can be hard to choose between the possible options. Depending on your budget, you can shelter your space with anything from a simple umbrella to a stylish louvre canopy. The reason outdoor rooms have become so popular is that they’re a functional, impressive and long lasting option to maximise outdoor living.

Louvre roof systems

Outdoor room with Aurae opening louvre roof

A quality outdoor room will offer a balance of shelter, style and functionality, which is why louvre systems are such a popular feature for shelter. A louvre roof is a shading structure that can be adjusted as needed and extends your living space effortlessly.

The louvre blades are designed to open and close at the press of a button which means you can set them according to your particular preferences. Louvres give you the chance to enjoy your outdoor room by deciding whether to let the sunlight in, increase ventilation, or completely close out the rain. Louvre roofs come in all shapes and sizes and can be customised to suit your outdoor space. This makes it a perfect choice for an outdoor room because it can blend seamlessly with your existing home, and tie in with your landscaping.

Download our style guide for all the inspiration you need for your outdoor space. You’ll find a range of Aurae projects that showcase how a louvre roof can transform your outdoor living.

Download the Aurae style guide

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