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Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 7/1/19 8:30 AM
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As the saying goes, first impressions count. People are likely to pass judgement on a home within the first few seconds of looking at it and it is highly likely that some of these seconds are going to be spent looking at the properties front entrance.

Make sure the front entrance of your current or future project creates the right impression. In this blog we’ve covered various aluminium louvres and features, designed to give you some extra inspiration. Read on to find out how you can use louvre screens and canopies to make your front entrance stand out.

Louvre screens

Adding a louvre screen to the front entrance can transform a property's front entrance aesthetics. These screens feature horizontal louvre blades fixing back to the house wall and are supported at the corner with an aluminium post. If you don’t like the post and feel it will obstruct access, then it can be taken away. Using a threaded rod and a series of spacer tubes, the opening corner can be supported by fixing back to the soffit.

Aurae louvre screens

Left: louvre screen with post. Right: louvre screen without post.


One of the primary reasons to put aluminium canopies over a front entrance, is to provide shelter for those waiting at the door. However, they can also bring excellent aesthetics as well. There are many designs available, but this is one of our favourites. A folded aluminium frame 150mm thick with an aluminium sheet infill. The canopy is chunky and looks like it belongs. The water drains along the internal gutter system and into the downpipe. 

Entrance canopy

Entrance canopy.

Canopy with integrated louvre screen

A further option to improve entrance aesthetics is to use a canopy with an integrated louvre screen. Insert a post on the open corner of the canopy and run horizontal louvres back to the house wall. Not only do these screens look great, but they also act as a privacy screen from the neighbours. 

Integrated louvre screenCanopy with screen and posts.

The louvre blades can also be run vertically and act as the canopy support, negating the need for a post.

Canopy privacy screen

Canopy with privacy screen and no posts.

Overall, first impressions count. Next time you are designing a property, have a chat with us about using aluminium to make the entrance look great. Aluminium louvres and canopies are an excellent way to deliver strong entrance aesthetics, and ensure that your properties generate first impressions that matter.

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