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A motivated individual deeply passionate about making houses look good. We design, manufacture and install aluminium louvres and facades. If you are an architect, builder or home owner seeking inspiration, then lets talk. We're working day and night to make houses look good right across New Zealand.
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Louvre PS1s: The Aurae process explained

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 9/27/21 12:06 PM

As manufacturers of architectural louvre solutions, we know how important it is for architects to have access to the right documentation to be able to proceed with housing projects and new builds. From technical design files to documents to support building consent applications, there’s a lot that can be required to get a project underway.

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5 places to use louvres on a home

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 8/2/21 11:21 AM

Whether you need street appeal or practicality for a home, louvres can be used in many versatile ways. With new builds in particular, the options are almost endless for the different ways that louvres can be used – from aesthetically pleasing designs to sun shading and privacy.

We’ve covered five common yet effective places that louvres can be used on the exterior of a home. Get inspired and see how you could use louvre blades for your next project below!

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Louvre or louver – what's in a name?

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 5/19/21 2:01 PM

If you’ve been searching for a louvre shading system for a home or future project then you may have come across some different spellings of the word, throughout your searches. Common misspellings and different English spellings mean that louvres can be hard to find when doing a simple web search. While we refer to the popular shading system as a ‘louvre’ or ‘louvres’, we do see the spelling ‘louver’ appear from time to time. But is a louver the same as a louvre? What exactly is the difference between the two?

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Launching the new dapple range of perforated screens

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 3/22/21 7:57 AM

We’ve been working on something pretty exciting, and it’s finally time to share our latest innovation! As architectural louvre and facade specialists, we saw a gap in the market for rigorously wind tested decorative screens that could be used on residential homes and properties. Our new range of perforated screens ‘dapple’ have been designed to enhance the exterior of a home, all while showcasing a choreography of light.

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House design trends we expect to see in 2021

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 2/15/21 12:15 PM

Trends come and go and every year we see an array of bold new house design trends emerge. 2020 saw some big changes in the way we live with many people spending more time at home than ever before. Some people are still working from home so their haven has also become their make-shift office. This newfound affinity with our homes has had many of us re-evaluating how we’re using our homes, how functional the spaces are, and even the design and colour choices that have been used.

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Louvre blades explained

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 1/20/21 2:59 PM

Louvre blades are a common fixture among many facade and outdoor shading systems – shutters, pergolas and opening louvre roofs to name a few. Commonly used to provide protection from the elements and for ventilation, they can also act as a unique design feature, with the ability to drastically enhance the exterior design of a home.

There are many different types of louvre blades now available in all different shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to choosing the louvre blades that are right for your current or future project.

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Our favourite projects of 2020

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 12/21/20 12:37 PM

While 2020 certainly had its challenges, the team here at Aurae feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work on some fantastic louvre and facade projects this year. From practical spaces to truly mesmerising designs, we had a lot of standouts this year which is why we wanted to share a few of our favourite projects with you.

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How to use motorised louvres on a home

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 11/18/20 3:48 PM

Motorised louvres are becoming increasingly popular in facade design due to their flexible nature. While motorised louvres still serve the same purpose as more traditional fixed louvre blades, by providing shade and privacy to the exterior of a property, the louvre blades in motorised systems are operable.

People want convenience and flexibility with many aspects of their home and the exterior is no different. A versatile and motorised shading solution is a simple way for homeowners to take control of their shading and privacy, all while becoming less reliant on in-home heating and cooling solutions. 

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Sliding shutter systems explained

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 10/29/20 8:43 AM

Sliding shutters are a common fixture on the exterior of many New Zealand homes and are a popular choice for many new builds due to their aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. While sliding shutters were traditionally only manually operable, advances in technology have resulted in sliding shutters that can be moved along the side of the home with the touch of a button.

If you’re considering sliding shutters for your next home or project then it’s important to know what your options are when it comes to sliding shutters so that you can choose the system that’s just right. To give you some guidance, we’ve outlined some basic information around sliding shutter systems including how they operate and the different shutter infill options available.

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Awning and entrance canopy options

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 9/22/20 8:43 AM

If you’re looking for a stylish feature to add to the front of a new build or future housing development, then you can’t go past an awning or an entrance canopy. Both awnings and entrance canopies have the ability to enhance the look and feel of a property, all while adding valuable protection from the elements like the harsh sun, wind and rain.

While similar in nature there are some small differences between awnings and entrance canopies and just how these would be used on the outside of a property to provide protection from the elements.

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