Aluminium vs glass, wood & plastic: which is best for louvres?

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 2/8/22 9:01 AM

Louvres are continuing to grow in popularity across New Zealand. They provide a multitude of practical benefits like weather and rain protection as well as privacy and sun shading. They’re also commonly used by architects and designers for aesthetics, and to increase the street appeal and character of a home. Louvre blades were traditionally constructed from something like wood, however, as technology has evolved and residential houses have developed into even more elaborate designs, we are seeing many louvre manufacturers move to aluminium.

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Louvre PS1s: The Aurae process explained

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 9/27/21 12:06 PM

As manufacturers of architectural louvre solutions, we know how important it is for architects to have access to the right documentation to be able to proceed with housing projects and new builds. From technical design files to documents to support building consent applications, there’s a lot that can be required to get a project underway.

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5 places to use louvres on a home

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 8/2/21 11:21 AM

Whether you need street appeal or practicality for a home, louvres can be used in many versatile ways. With new builds in particular, the options are almost endless for the different ways that louvres can be used – from aesthetically pleasing designs to sun shading and privacy.

We’ve covered five common yet effective places that louvres can be used on the exterior of a home. Get inspired and see how you could use louvre blades for your next project below!

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Louvre or louver – what's in a name?

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 5/19/21 2:01 PM

If you’ve been searching for a louvre shading system for a home or future project then you may have come across some different spellings of the word, throughout your searches. Common misspellings and different English spellings mean that louvres can be hard to find when doing a simple web search. While we refer to the popular shading system as a ‘louvre’ or ‘louvres’, we do see the spelling ‘louver’ appear from time to time. But is a louver the same as a louvre? What exactly is the difference between the two?

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Louvre blades explained

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 1/20/21 2:59 PM

Louvre blades are a common fixture among many facade and outdoor shading systems – shutters, pergolas and opening louvre roofs to name a few. Commonly used to provide protection from the elements and for ventilation, they can also act as a unique design feature, with the ability to drastically enhance the exterior design of a home.

There are many different types of louvre blades now available in all different shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to choosing the louvre blades that are right for your current or future project.

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Frequently asked questions: Louvre design and installation

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 2/19/20 11:56 AM

As a company that specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of architectural louvres and facade products, there are some common questions that are directed our way when it comes to louvre products, and more specifically, how these are installed.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a handy blog that covers off some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. Take a look below.

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Motorised louvres explained

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 11/20/19 12:44 PM

As louvre specialists we design, engineer, manufacture and install a range of different louvre and façade products to make houses look good. We often get asked about our range of operable louvres, and particularly motorised louvres.

From ‘are motorised louvres weatherproof?’ to, ‘can a rain sensor be added to my motorised louvres?’, there are a number of common questions we get asked, as well as dozens more which surprise even us! Read on to find out more about motorised louvres as well as answers to commonly asked questions.

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Exterior shutters: operable or fixed?

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 11/14/19 8:01 AM

While some design trends come and go, there are those that stand the test of time. Shutters are an example of a design element that is here to stay. Traditionally found on older properties like villas and historic buildings, exterior shutters have been used for decades to provide protection from the elements or as a window treatment to provide extra security. While shutters can still be used for these purposes we are now seeing more and more that these are added to the exterior of many contemporary homes as a unique design element, or as a heating and cooling solution.

Exterior shutters can have a multitude of uses and benefits, depending on what is required of them. Find out about the different types of exterior shutters, and what shutters will work best for your property or next project.

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Benefits of sun shading systems

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 10/18/19 1:45 PM

Keeping yourself and your home cool over summer can be challenging. At the peak of summer, temperatures can reach over 30°C in some parts of New Zealand and with particularly strong UV rays, having a shaded area at home where you can get out of the sun is very important for a lot of Kiwis.

There are also many other benefits to adding a bit of shade to the outside of your home which include ventilation for added cooling as well as saving on power bills. In this blog we’ll cover the benefits of adding sun shade to your home and the Aurae products that can help you achieve this.

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Outdoor patio ideas

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 10/18/19 11:08 AM

Many of us can agree that nothing beats enjoying the outdoors on a hot summer’s night. If you regularly have friends and family over for meals and get-togethers then you’ll know the importance of having a suitable outdoor entertaining space.

An outdoor patio is a great way to extend your living area outside and depending on how extravagant you want your set up to be, there are many things that you can even do yourself to create a memorable space.

In this blog we look at what makes a patio, and a few ideas as to what a basic patio should include.

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