How to use motorised louvres on a home

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 11/18/20 3:48 PM

Motorised louvres are becoming increasingly popular in facade design due to their flexible nature. While motorised louvres still serve the same purpose as more traditional fixed louvre blades, by providing shade and privacy to the exterior of a property, the louvre blades in motorised systems are operable.

People want convenience and flexibility with many aspects of their home and the exterior is no different. A versatile and motorised shading solution is a simple way for homeowners to take control of their shading and privacy, all while becoming less reliant on in-home heating and cooling solutions. 

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Motorised louvres explained

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 11/20/19 12:44 PM

As louvre specialists we design, engineer, manufacture and install a range of different louvre and façade products to make houses look good. We often get asked about our range of operable louvres, and particularly motorised louvres.

From ‘are motorised louvres weatherproof?’ to, ‘can a rain sensor be added to my motorised louvres?’, there are a number of common questions we get asked, as well as dozens more which surprise even us! Read on to find out more about motorised louvres as well as answers to commonly asked questions.

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