Creating an outdoor room with louvres

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 6/27/22 9:16 AM

Outdoor living is a central part of New Zealand life and what was once restricted to the summer months is now attainable all-year-round, with the right outdoor living space. Creating an outdoor room is one good way to make the most of your backyard, all while extending your living area. And if done well, it will add to the aesthetics of a home and provide a real design statement.

This blog will give you the tips you need to get started with an outdoor room so that you can design an outdoor living space you'll love. We’ll also showcase how louvres and louvre roof systems can enhance an outdoor room, and provide you with a practical space that can be used in any season.

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What influences the cost of aluminium louvres?

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 5/30/22 2:37 PM

An outdoor shade structure is frequently found in the garden or patio of many a Kiwi home and it’s not hard to see why. With long hot summers and unpredictable weather in the cooler months, a shading solution like a louvre roof enables us to make the most of our backyards, and enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

We are commonly asked about the price of our louvre products, and in particular, the cost of an opening louvre roof. This can be hard to answer as no two opening louvre roofs are the same!

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What is a loggia and why are they perfect for louvres?

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 2/28/22 8:47 AM

There are many different terms commonly used in modern architecture to describe outdoor shading solutions. You will no doubt already be aware of a pergola structure and the various benefits that this can provide but what about a loggia?

While a loggia is not as widely known or referred to as a pergola, the benefits it can provide are strikingly similar. Here we outline the definition of a loggia and how it differs from other shade structures like a pergola or a veranda. We’ll also delve into the loggia’s place in modern residential design, and the louvre products that can be used to make a loggia come to life.

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What are the different types of louvre opening roof systems?

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 8/20/20 8:32 AM

No matter the time of year (or the type of weather), a louvre opening roof system can be a great addition to the outdoor area of any property. Designed to be used all-year-round to make the most of a deck, outdoor room or patio, there are now a range of different options available when it comes to choosing an opening louvre roof that’s right for your property or project. And as technology has advanced, so too have the options you have to control an opening louvre roof.

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