Sliding shutter systems explained

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 10/29/20 8:43 AM

Sliding shutters are a common fixture on the exterior of many New Zealand homes and are a popular choice for many new builds due to their aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. While sliding shutters were traditionally only manually operable, advances in technology have resulted in sliding shutters that can be moved along the side of the home with the touch of a button.

If you’re considering sliding shutters for your next home or project then it’s important to know what your options are when it comes to sliding shutters so that you can choose the system that’s just right. To give you some guidance, we’ve outlined some basic information around sliding shutter systems including how they operate and the different shutter infill options available.

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5 outdoor design trends for 2020

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 1/16/20 3:01 PM

With a new year underway, now’s the time when many of us are planning our next outdoor project. Or perhaps you’re picking up where you left off at the end of 2019 and continuing work on new builds and housing developments for clients? Whatever the reason, it’s always handy to have a bit of design guidance for your outdoor area!

We’ve put together a list of five outdoor design trends we expect to see during 2020 – many of which we’re already seeing! Make your outdoor living space the best it can be with these top tips and ideas.

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Exterior shutters: operable or fixed?

Posted by Mitchell Stewart on 11/14/19 8:01 AM

While some design trends come and go, there are those that stand the test of time. Shutters are an example of a design element that is here to stay. Traditionally found on older properties like villas and historic buildings, exterior shutters have been used for decades to provide protection from the elements or as a window treatment to provide extra security. While shutters can still be used for these purposes we are now seeing more and more that these are added to the exterior of many contemporary homes as a unique design element, or as a heating and cooling solution.

Exterior shutters can have a multitude of uses and benefits, depending on what is required of them. Find out about the different types of exterior shutters, and what shutters will work best for your property or next project.

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